What Is Included in Mobile Classrooms?

Mobile classrooms come with equipment and features that make them comparable to traditional classrooms located inside permanent buildings. Their features make them suitable for use as temporary extra learning spaces for students.

These portable classrooms can also be used as a cost-effective, permanent solution for schools with a growing student population. Here is more information about the features included in these classrooms:

Windows and Doors

Doors and windows allow natural light to enter the classroom. This minimizes the need for artificial lighting, which helps reduce energy costs. Windows and doors also provide natural ventilation, which minimizes the use of HVAC systems to maintain good indoor air quality.

Minimal usage of HVAC systems in classrooms may yield energy savings, which reduces electricity bills.

The windows and doors of portable classrooms can be made from various materials, including timber, metal, and plastic. Glass is another material used for making doors and windows.

Manufacturers match the door and window frames with the materials used to build the walls of the classroom. Mobile classroom manufacturers make frames from materials that can withstand the rigors of the school environment.


Portable classrooms have flooring that provides an even, flat surface upon which users can place desks, chairs, and equipment. The floor of modular classrooms can be made from various materials including water-resistant timber, vinyl tiles, carpeted floors, and concrete. Insulation may also be used to fill the joints in the timber sheets to prevent water seepage.

Electrical Wiring and Lighting

Mobile classrooms include electrical wiring and fixtures to provide students and teachers with access to electricity. Electrical wiring includes socket outlets and switches that connect and power electrical equipment for learning. Students and teachers can connect projectors, laptops, and other learning equipment. The classrooms also come with lighting fixtures. LED lights may be used to provide energy-efficient lighting and minimize energy costs.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Manufacturers equip mobile classrooms with heating and cooling systems, such as HVAC units, to improve indoor air quality. These systems provide adequate ventilation and air filtration, which allows a seamless flow of clean air within the classroom. Users can adjust HVAC systems to moderate the temperatures within the classroom and provide increased comfort.

Furniture and Technology

The classrooms may come with furniture, including desks and chairs, to provide sitting and writing space for students. They also have whiteboards, shelves, and storage cabinets. Some mobile classrooms contain modern technology, such as desktop computers, interactive whiteboards, and projectors. These technological devices help enhance the learning experience for students.

Safety and Accessibility Features

Some mobile classrooms come with safety devices such as smoke detectors and fire alarm systems. These features help to prevent injuries to both students and teachers using the classrooms. Manufacturers may also add steps and ramps to a classroom to make them accessible to all students, including those with disabilities.


This feature serves as a protective barrier that separates the indoor classroom space from the external environment. Manufacturers may construct the wall from steel sheets sheathed with wood boards to provide insulation. The walls of some modular classrooms may be reinforced with an extra layer to prevent damage from water or other external elements. Users can also paint the wall to provide a more appealing look.

Roof and Ceiling

The roof protects the classroom space from excessive external heat and rainwater. Manufacturers will make roofs of modular classrooms from various materials, including steep sheets. Ceilings may be made from wood boards or plasterboards. Users will be able to paint or decorate the ceiling to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the classroom.

Get Portable Classrooms With the Right Features

Portable classrooms come with various features, including HVAC systems, doors, and windows, that make the indoor space more conducive to learning. Search for a reliable portable classroom vendor who offers quality results in a timely manner. Contact a mobile classroom provider today to help you address your school’s extra space needs.

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