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How Old Is Princess Peach? – Get Informed With A Single Click!

Princess Peach, the iconic character from the Mario franchise, has captured gamers’ hearts worldwide with charm, grace, and resilience. 

Princess Peach has been in over 60 games in the Mario series since she debuted in 1985’s Super Mario Bros. However, her exact age is uncertain. Some sources suggest she’s 37, but that’s based on the release date of the original game, not her actual age.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the age of Princess Peach and address common questions surrounding her character.

General Information Of Princess Peach – Dive Into The Information!

1. Physical Appearance:

Peach is a tall, stunning young princess with fair skin, light blue eyes, and dark yellow eyebrows. She has six long eyelashes on each eye and wears dark eyeliner.

Peach’s lips are round and pink, and she has long, thick, wavy, blonde hair that reaches past her waist. Her bangs have a heart shape in the center and two flipped pieces on each side. She has thin sideburns with two pieces showing.

2. Clothing:

Peach often wears a long pink dress with puffy sleeves, a dark pink collar, and layers at the edge. She accessorizes with a light blue brooch on her dress and white gloves that reach her forearms.

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Her signature blue earrings are always present, and she wears a gold crown with rubies and sapphires on each side.

3. Alternate Outfits:

In sports games, Peach wears different outfits. She wears a pink sleeveless miniskirt in tennis and golf with a deep pink bottom and a white wave design.

She sports a pink tank top with shorts for baseball and basketball, like Princess Daisy. In both outfits, she wears white socks and red-and-pink tennis shoes.

She still has her blue brooch, earrings, and crown. Her hair is tied in a ponytail with a light blue scrunchie, which she also wears when karting.

Peach wears a white jumpsuit with pink stripes and a pink scarf, belt, boots, and gloves when she rides bikes. There is a heart-shaped design on her back.

The gloves match her shoes, which have white soles. She still wears her crown, earrings, and brooch and keeps her ponytail with a blue scrunchie.

During Olympic events, Peach wears various outfits. She wears a light pink leotard with dark pink stripes for gymnastics and swimming. In winter, she wears a pink sleeveless mini dress with darker pink leggings and sleeves, white gloves, and ankle boots.

She always wears her brooch, earrings, crown, and blue scrunchie. Additionally, she may wear a brown harness belt for Sport Climbing and Archery or magenta knee-high socks for Football and Rugby Sevens.

Additional attire comprises a red and white Equestrian uniform, a white karate gi paired with a blue belt, a pink and white fencing uniform, and a pink and black wetsuit for Short board surfing.

4. Personality:

Peach is sweet, kind, and cheerful, always optimistic and caring toward her friends. She’s feminine and girly, with a peaceful nature. Despite being gentle, she can stand up for herself and has even been a heroine.

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Peach can get emotional and cries easily. Her laugh is a cheeky, girlish giggle, often with her hand on her mouth.

5. Voice:

Princess Peach’s voice is consistently portrayed by different voice actresses across various Mario games and media adaptations. These actresses bring unique interpretations to the character, contributing to Peach’s portrayal as a kind-hearted and compassionate ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom.

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How Old Is Peach In The Mario Movie? – Click To Gain Comprehensive Knowledge!

According to various internet sources, Princess Peach was depicted initially as 15 years old when she debuted in the Mario franchise in 1985. However, in more recent movie portrayals, she appears to be in her early 20s.

Another perspective suggests that if you consider her first appearance (1985) as her birth year, she would be approximately 39 years old. Thus, her age has been interpreted differently and in various media representations.

How Old Is Princess Peach In Mario Odyssey? – Click To Gain Comprehensive Knowledge!

There’s been a lot of talk in the gaming world about how old Princess Peach might be. In an interview with The Independent, Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of the game, mentioned that Mario is 24–25 years old.

How Old Is Princess Peach In Mario Odyssey?
Source: imdb

Some people think that other characters like Princess Peach, Luigi, and Bowser are also around the same age as Mario. This has sparked discussions and speculation among fans about the ages of these iconic characters in the Mario universe.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are There Any Official Sources Confirming Princess Peach’s Age?

Nintendo has not released any official statements regarding Princess Peach’s age, leaving her age open to interpretation by fans and players.

2. Does Princess Peach’s Age Impact Her Role In The Mario Games?

Princess Peach’s age does not directly impact her role in the Mario games. She remains a central character, often serving as a damsel in distress or a playable character with unique abilities.

3. Who Is The Person Behind The Character’s Voice?

Anya Taylor-Joy, an actress from the United States, provides the voice for a character in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

4. Are There Any Fan Theories About Princess Peach’s Age?

Fans have developed various theories and interpretations regarding Princess Peach’s age, ranging from the idea that she is immortal to speculations about her being a young ruler navigating the challenges of her kingdom. These theories add depth to her character and spark discussions within the fan community.

5. Does Princess Peach’s Age Affect Her Relationship With Other Characters?

Princess Peach’s age does not directly influence her relationships with other characters in the Mario series. She is depicted as a respected ruler and friend to Mario and Luigi, regardless of age or perceived maturity.


Princess Peach has featured in numerous games in the Mario franchise, yet her age remains unknown. Various clues hint at her age, but it needs to be clearly defined. Many speculate that she appears to be in her twenties, although her exact age remains a mystery due to the lack of definitive information in the games.

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